Shared Online Courses

Interested in taking a course at another COPLAC INSTITUTION?
These courses are open to any student from a COPLAC campus.

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If you find a class you are interested in taking, here is the registration process:

1) Students complete the registration form below and obtain signatures from program coordinator and dean at their home institution, as needed.

2) Students submit the completed registration form to the home institution registrar, who reviews the form for completeness, accuracy, and appropriate approvals, and transmits a copy of the registration form to the host institution registrar.

3) The host institution registrar completes the registration form and notifies the student.

4) The host institution registrar and course instructor send the participating student information about the host institution’s policies and procedures, network login, emails, learning management system, etc.

Questions about how these courses work? Registrars, advisors, students, and administrators click here for the complete shared online course guidelines.


Fall 2023 Shared Online Courses

No Courses at This Time

Winter Interim 2024 Shared Online Courses

Coming Soon

Spring 2024 Shared Online Courses

Coming Soon

If you are taking a taking a shared online course offered by Mansfield University, complete this additional registration page.